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Vox Animalis – Responsive WordPress Site for Animal Behaviorist

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Creation of Custom Graphics for WordPress Site for Animal Behaviorist (including logo).

The behaviorist, better known as a behaviorist, is a key figure in animal behavior. According to the behaviorist approach, animal behavior can be explained as simple responses to specific stimuli. Consequently, dogs act mechanically. Among the most important representatives of this school, Pavlov and Skinner come to mind. Behaviorists conducted their studies only in laboratories, neglecting a fundamental point: animals in a state of freedom, without the limitations and constraints of the laboratory, often behave spontaneously and differently than expected.

This realization led to the understanding of the importance of ethology. Scientists like Nikolas Tinbergen, Karl von Frisch, and Konrad Lorenz (considered the father of ethology) were among those who began to reject the American school of behaviorism with its mechanical approach. They focused on understanding and studying the instinctive behavior of animals and the development of behaviors typical of a species or an individual.

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Development of Professional and Custom WordPress Themes

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