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Goodbye, Java plug-in!

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The much-criticized Java plug-in is bidding farewell due to its security vulnerabilities.

In a notable move, Oracle has officially declared the impending abandonment of the Java plug-in, acknowledging the necessity for modern web browsing to move towards plug-in-free environments. Java’s integration into browsers gained popularity in the 90s, enabling the development of robust applications when HTML was still in its early stages.

Fast forward to today, contemporary web technologies have significantly surpassed the need for Java plug-ins. Oracle recognizes this shift and emphasizes that plug-in-free browsers are the way forward. While the Java Web Start will remain accessible for developers, the impending demise of the Java plug-in signals a broader industry move away from plugin-based technologies.

Browsers, in alignment with this new policy, are actively restricting the integration of various plugins, including Flash, Silverlight, and Java. This change aligns with industry trends prioritizing security and performance.

For developers reliant on the Java plugin, Oracle suggests exploring alternative options such as transitioning Java applets to the plugin-free technology provided by Java Web Start. The transition process and technical details are outlined in Oracle’s dedicated white paper, offering a comprehensive guide for developers navigating this change.

The official discontinuation of the Java plug-in is set to coincide with the release of Java Development Kit 9, scheduled for September 22 of this year. After this release, the operation of the Java plug-in will be significantly impacted, ultimately leading to its complete removal. While its removal may not evoke nostalgia among internet users, it marks a significant step in enhancing web security and aligning with contemporary technological standards.


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