Goodbye, Java plug-in!

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Constantly criticized for its security flaws, the Java plug-in is coming to an end.

Oracle has indeed announced its upcoming abandonment, acknowledging that modern web must now rely on plug-in-free browsers. Popularized in the 90s when HTML was still quite basic, the integration of Java in browsers allowed the creation of real applications at the time.

Nowadays, modern web technologies largely overcome this need. Note that some solutions such as Java Web Start will obviously remain available for developers.

A plug-in blocked by browsers

And with this policy, browsers eliminate the “ability to integrate Flash, Silverlight, Java and other plugin-based technologies” writes Oracle.

For developers of applications exploiting the Java plugin, it is time to consider “alternative options such as migrating Java applets to the plugin-free technology Java Web Start.” The editor provides more technical details on these migration possibilities in a dedicated white paper.

With the release of Java Development Kit 9, scheduled for September 22 of this year, the operation of the Java plug-in will be affected. It will then be definitively removed. It is not certain that this extension will be the subject of any nostalgia on the part of internet users.


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